JUST WRITING MY NAME Limerick, Ireland.

Just returned from a great trip to the Irish cities of Limerick and Cork..Had a great time.


An arrival at Shannon, that couldn’t have been more welcoming, my good friend & RTM brother, Dex, with Host in Limerick Mark  from Limerick Graffiti Store SOUTH CENTRAL  , came and met me off the plane, meeting the other dudes doing the do at our digs , SOLO & BONZAI… and we set about to view our spot..

Issues arose with the local neighbourhood committee, who we met and those nice ladies, after an hour or so of argueing the case against a project they knew little about, crumbled with welcoming eyes over the mentioning of the legendary Irish crooner Daniel O’Donell’s name, although im confused as to how this came around when SOLO brought this into the equation…But it settled it.. FRIENDS. The jam would go on with no hassle..bar the enthuisatic kids of the horse galloppin’ neighbourhood of Moyross.


Dope line up: A crowd of writers, DEX, RASK, DUSTO, and Special Guest Bronx legend COPE 2, DRIBS, BONZAI, SOLO, BAQSR, CRAP, KEANE & Nasty  NASH,  painted amidst the chaos of the children, eager to get involved and get paint, with an attritional request for everything for a majority of the day, sun shne and rain, and still folks painted and the kids wanted for names on the wall or paint..

Eventually it was getting tough for folks to paint, so SOLO -ONE and I did a swift workshop with them where  they did their own thing  to fill a section of the wall,

Magic! That’s all they wanted..Their own part…And slammed this out in quick time.

More flicks soon:


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