I was invited over to the Meeting of Styles in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where we got busy on the historic Peace line wall on the Infamous Shankhill Road. The huge wall, and many more, is used to seperate the communities of the city.

A warm welcome was given to all the artists and a greater sense of calm seemed in place in comparison to my last visit in 1998 when armoured cars, tanks and guns where still the norm.

Arriving onto the Shankhill, we scoped out the massive wall and checked out the burners from previous projects here, including this section with Rask, Tkid and Kakao( Right.)

Swift drop in the rain in rebel terrain in the Falls Road, through the barrier gates,  to break up the monotenty of the prime of the main wall.


In progress scale flick


Thanks to Rask, Dris and Ciar for having me over and to all that that were there! A great, mellow weekend.

SOLO–ONE (ABOVE) Check out his blog for more documentation on the event and the history of the place

Here’s a mad panaorma of the wall from CRUEL VAPOURS


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