Under pressure. Livingston 1994

A top jam organised by EEZ in my hometown.. amazed still how i was allowed the opportunity to be involved in what has often been refered to as one of the best UK jams to date…

Idid the rank rotten “Move”  thing above GET and to the side of Zebster and Sendez… oh….and also in attendance where Phase2, Vulcan, Jon-one, Mode2, Sharp, Ash, Shok1, Darko, Pryme, Gor,  Mr Zee, Derm, Smog, One more, Pois, Lyken, Vera, Raiz, Keen, Rask and Elph who both i met for the first time that day…Sorry if there is any missed out.

Borrowed off mr veras flickrooney.. Thanks EEZ! MORE INFO AND FOOTAGE HERE:


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